My 'Unstoppable' Story

Hello, I’m Maggie. Thank you for visiting.


Most of the time I sleep in our bedroom at home, with my little brother Tom in his bed right next to mine. But sometimes I have to come into hospital for a while until I’m well enough to go home again. I miss my home when I’m not there but Mum or Dad stays with me almost all the time and Tom visits as much as he can after school. Tom always tells me funny stories and makes me laugh. Once, I even spat out my medicine because I was laughing so much!


Today, I’m really excited because we’re going to go out into the garden at the hospital –if the rain finally stops… It’s my favourite place here and it’s Sol’s, too. He’s in the bed next to me and we’ve known each other forever. We love flying off on adventures… into space or with the birds… And when Tom comes, he joins us, too. But nothing beats getting out into the garden when we’re here, and once, when we were really lucky, we got to see Sol’s special bird, right up close. I wonder if there’s any chance we’ll get to see her today…?